Natural Rhythms in Colour Workshop

3-5 day Nuno felting workshop by Nancy Ballesteros, Perth, Western Australia

In our world there is a natural rhythm that the human brain finds especially visually pleasing. This idea was discovered in medieval times by Leonardo Fibonacci, an Italian mathematician. We will utilise his principals in our workshop as a design tool for learning how to create stripe sequences with sophisticated designs and tasteful colour palettes (no maths necessary!).

Using her 30+ years of designing colours, Nancy will present some of her practical ideas and exercises to help you develop your own colour language. You will learn specific techniques for creating both “organic” and “inorganic” stripe patterns. You may choose to design a Single or Double Infinity Scarf OR with more time a “transformer garment” which begins as a dress but transforms into a cozy Cocoon. Newly developed wool handling and finishing techniques will expand your felting skills. Our aim is to create GREAT superfine cloth with Natural Rhythms in Colour!


We have just discovered you can indeed ‘Snip and Rip’ our Silk Mesh fabric. Simply make a 2cm (3/4″ inch) snip. Then hold your hand approximately 25cm (10 inch) apart on each side of the snip and then just rip (pull hands apart)… I usually cut the last little bit left on the selvage with scissors so the last few threads don’t pull. Will little wonders never cease to amaze…Cheers!