For the first quarter of this year the state of the Chinese Silk Industry is still in flux. Prices have not yet come down as expected from and from their all time high of last year, partially due to the postponement of a resolution to the trade agreement between China and the USA.

We are still optimistic that later this year prices will lower and we can restock our 4.5 momme Tissue Silk (Silk Georgette). In the meantime, we managed to secure two fabulous NEW fabrics at an incredible price, given the state of the market. They are currently ‘on the boat’ and are expected to arrive in June.

One of the fabrics is a 3.5momme Crepe Silk Georgette to supplement our Tissue Silk fabric line. This new fabric has an incredible springy crepe texture! It’s handle will have a slight stretch due to it’s crepe yarn structure. The fabric was offered to us on a clearance sale from the supplier and therefore will be a ‘limited edition’.

Our other new fabric is great addition to our Silk Chiffon line. It was also sold to us as a ‘Limited Edition, clearance priced’ 4.3 momme extra wide, Silk Chiffon (140cm wide, 55inches). This fabric is fine and translucent enough to see through and is an excellent choice for fine nuno felting. When you purchase 140cm wide fabric, the cost is slightly higher, but remember you will receive 23% more fabric!