Spare Parts Theater Company drapes the FOX in Treetops Silk Fabrics

Treetops silk fabrics have been chosen to create the main characters in Fox, a production by Perth’s Spare Parts Puppet Theater. We were extremely honored Spare Parts chose to use our Paj Colour Marks series in Spice Market to represent the ‘Fox’, I think you will agree it suits the character incredibly well. A few of our other colourways take to the stage as well.

Fox – Adapted from the book by Margaret Wild & Ron Brooks, is a riveting fable which will take you on a journey through scorched scrubland and ochre deserts to discover the meaning of loyalty, companionship and betrayal. Told through a fusion of puppetry and dance, Fox highlights the constant battle between remaining faithful and falling for temptation and reminds us that the strength of friendship can give us the courage to get through difficult times.

More information about Spare Parts and their product Fox can be found at (Perth, Western Australia).