How to Fully Full Felt

by Nancy Ballesteros

Zoom Time: 25 March, 2023, Saturday evening 4:30-6:30pm

Perth, Western Australia (AWST)

This 2-hour zoom session is best suited for people living in Europe/Australia/NZ
Comparable starting times in other time zones:
Sydney, Australia, Sat evening 25 March at 7:30pm
Auckland, New Zealand, Sat evening 25 March at 9:30pm
London, Saturday morning 25 March at 8:30am
Central Europe, Saturday morning 25 March at 9:30am

Here are a few reminders of the things you should do before the workshop. Refer to your Welcome/Materials List for detailed instructions:

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  • You will be emailed an invite to JOIN THE ZOOM MEETING a couple of days before the workshop (be sure and check your spam folder in case it somehow ends up there). When you click on the invite link you will be put in a "waiting room" until everyone is ready, then we will start the meeting.
  • Have you downloaded the free Zoom app onto your preferred device?