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Thank you so much for joining our Zoom Workshop & Video Series. We have recently been able to upgrade our system to allow us to offer all of our Zoomers life time access to the Zoom workshop(s) that you participated in. As an added bonus - you will be able to view all session recordings on that topic in the Zoom Workshop Series.

To take advantage of this Free Upgrade please read these instructions.

The link to your Free Upgrade product is below.
Place it in your cart as if buying normally.
If you have been sent more than one link you can add the second one to your cart.
Repeat the process for a possible third.
Then proceed to Checkout - no payment is required.

You will be sent the instructions for participating but they are also further down.



This is your link for your Free Upgrade for Sensational Stripes Sequences.

Complete the Checkout Process then

follow these instructions to view your Zoom Video Recordings

1. Go to the Treetops website ( menu bar and find:
  • MORE
  • Workshops Online -
  • My Workshops


2. Click this link to access MY Workshops page directly.

My Workshops

Next, please enter your username and password and click Login

Now that you are logged in, follow these steps to view your Zoom recordings and see the Lesson Materials:

Scroll down till you can see Enrolled in the grey strip and click on it.
Here you will find a list of all the Zoom Recordings you have purchased.

Click on one of them to commence or re-commence your course.
This is the home page for your chosen course.

On the right-hand side, click Continue to proceed to the Recordings and Lessons (extra information to read and download).

Or click Back to Your Workshops to view your other workshops.
This is an example of a Lesson page.

Each Lesson has a Next button beneath the text (you may have to scroll down).

The X top right-hand corner closes the Lesson.

Top left-hand corner is a Link Back to the course home page.

At the very bottom of the Lesson is a Completed button.