New Colourway | Banded Iron

New Colourway | Banded Iron | Jan 2019
New inspirations from our travels in the Pilbarra Region of Western Australia. From left to right: Paj Silk Fabric (click here to view), Superfine Merino wool tops (click here to view), Silk Mesh fabric (click here to view).

Natural Liquid Silk is Starting to Replace Oil-Based Plastic

This a fabulous concept - replacing micro plastics with silk! By controlling the process of making the liquid silk, silk molecules can be created in different sizes to perform different functions.

“The acids and the enzymes in our digestive system can easily degrade silk, whereas the enzymes are not tailored to breaking down non-protein entities such as a synthetic plastic,” … Read more

What a Year for Australian Wool!

For the year of 2018, Australian Wool industries have seen record breaking prices! Australian wool prices are predicted to remain high in the coming year due to improved demand and limited supply.

The superfine market less than 18.5 micron has seen considerable growth due to demand of the 'next to skin' market (ie think sportswear like Ice Breaker). Fine wool prices (19 micron- 21 microns), where the bulk of the Australian clip is captured, has also performed well.

This past season, 46% of the Australia's wool clip was between 18.5 and 21.5 micron.

Chinese Silk Market - Unpredictable!

2018 was an unpredictable year for the Chinese Silk Market. On a good note the cocoon production rebounded, which has slightly eased the incredibly high export prices for silk. However, the impending Trade War between the USA and China is set to have detrimental effects on the price of Silk fabric and Wool (raw and tops) being imported into the USA. Since August 2018 a new tariffs have been proposed to bump the tariff from 10% to 25%. More talks are scheduled this week (1 Feb 2019), the final outcome is still in flux.

The long and short of the USA/China trade war is that craft supplies like Silk fabrics and Wool are likely to soon be costing more if you live in America. The implications for the rest of the world are still unknown. Since 2015 Australia and China have had a free trade agreement in place, consequently the prices for our Treetops silk and wool products will not be effected by any new tariffs!

In 2018 Treetops decided not to immediately order more silk fibres and fabrics from China due to these higher prices. However, since the start of 2019, prices are starting to show signs of a slow decline, we will be re-stocking soon! It generally takes 1-2 months to receive our large orders from China, please accept our apologies for being 'out of stock' of some items! We are looking out for your best interest and trying to keep our prices down.

Running with Wool

Running with Wool
Merino wool is increasingly being used as the key ingredient in footwear, with the high performance fibre giving consumers the natural edge over its synthetic rivals.

AWI’s (Australian Wool Innovation) technical team has been working to create shoes that not only allow the foot to breathe, wick away moisture and are resistant to odour, but importantly are comfortable to wear. … Read more

Study To Ask: Why are Australia's Merino stock levels declining?

Acknowledging the shrinking size of Australia’s sheep flock throughout the past 20 years, Anthony Close from Victoria said his focus of his Nuffield studies will be researching the range of factors that have caused this reduction, comparing the industry with those overseas to gain a better understanding of what makes progressive industries grow and prosper.

“In 1992 the national sheep flock was 150 million head, and produced 4.75 million bales of wool. In 2018, the flock is 70 million head, and will produce two million bales,” he said.

“Wool prices are at historically high record levels at the moment and there is a lot of confidence in the industry, despite the current lack of rainfall in many areas, so I hope my research will identify ways that the Merino can once again become a prominent feature of the Australian farming landscape.”

MORE INFORMATION: Information on previous AWI Nuffield woolgrower scholars and their reports are available at

Beyond the Bale, Nuffield Studies Aim to Boost Merino Flocks , Issue 77 Dec. 2018, pg 73.

New Colourway | Dijon

Dijon is a new tonal twist on a classic combo. Soft shades of light to medium and dark greys are mingled with spicy cumin. You will find many colours, fibres and fabrics in our Treetops palette to easily combine with this. Superfine Merino (click here to view), Paj Silk fabric 4.5 and 5 momme (click here to view).

A few spaces still available for workshops in Bali, Canada and USA during May/June 2019