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Nancy Ballesteros

About Nancy
Artist Director and Founder of Treetops Colour Harmonies, 1987.

For me, creating colour is my bliss. It’s where I can let go of the realities of running a small business and be free. It’s my absolute passion.

Of course, the path to happiness is never a straightforward one. And I’ll admit the decade I spent studying geology and veterinary science may not be ‘normal’ for someone who lives and breathes colour. But then again, being able to create a specific colour is a science, so maybe it was all part of my destiny.

Losing myself in colour formulas is a self-confessed addiction! I’ve been known to spend days hand-dyeing and washing numerous samples before the perfect colour comes to life. It’s a slow, but thoroughly enjoyable process. And being a perfectionist, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

While Treetops Colour Harmonies now enjoys international distribution, as well as online sales to artists and craftsperons across the globe, I’m still proud a small part of me can still be found in every one of our hand-dyed wools, silks and fabrics.

Yours in colour,

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