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VIDEO: Discover how Fibanocci’s Design Principles can help reconnect your creativity

It has been universally recognised that certain proportions keep showing up in things we consider beautiful – a Natural Rhythm that our human brain finds especially visually pleasing. Leonardo Fibonacci, a 13th century Mathematician wrote about it, Leonardo Da Vinci used it when he painted Mona Lisa.  The Golden Ratio, Fibonacci’s numbers…  how could all this help you with your creativity?

In this video 25 minute video I will explain these well-known (but little understood) design principles and explore simple practical ways to apply this powerful design principle to your felting. Samples will demonstrate how these principles can been applied when designing in felt. It is an amazingly easy way to obtain visually pleasing outcomes – and no maths is required.


Expression of Interest: Sensational Stripe Sequences based on Fibonacci’s Design Principles – 3 hour hands-on Zoom Workshop

The Fibonacci Sequence was developed by an Italian mathematician in Medieval times. The principals are widely found in nature and the relationship of the numbers it produces creates proportions that our human brains find especially attractive. It is no surprise that these principles are widely applied by designers across various disciplines. We will learn how to take advantage of this principle in both our stripe sequencing and colour choices (no maths are necessary).

To begin our journey you will gain access to my 25min video on “How Fibonacci Design Principles can Reconnect Your Creativity”.  In this video, commissioned by the International Feltmakers Association, you will learn about the magic behind Fibonacci’s Sequence and how I have apply his principles to my felting.  It is essential viewing for our zoom conference.

In the Zoom working, we will begin by discussing some practical colour theory – an essential part of designing great stripes! Learn how to apply my easy formula for choosing colours for sensational stripes.

Next will be a demo and hands-on participation to explore how fabulous stripes are created using various wool handling techniques. You can focus on creating a small stripe sampler. There are very specific techniques for creating both linear and free-form stripes, we will cover as many possibilities as we have time for. Specific fulling techniques will also be discussed to ensure proper felting. For more information click here.

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