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Our custom-made silk hankies will add a gorgeously shiny and textural surface to your felt. They have been specially double-degummed leaving the hankies exceptionally lustrous and super soft. You will however, find their appearance is not as perfect and square as hankies that contain more sericin.

Silk hankies come from cocoons which have been de-gummed, pierced and stretched layer upon layer over a small 25cm square frame. Each cocoon is as sheer as a cobweb – or use several layers together for a more textural effect in felt. Silk hankies are also used for handspinning or creating silk paper.

Hints: When separating the Silk Hankies an iron will do wonders to flatten and tidy them up. A bit of talc powder on your hands will help prevent snagging or try rubbing your hands with sugar and olive oil to exfoliate and soften the rough spots.

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