Nudie | Tissue Solid | 4.5mm


Treetops hand-dyed Solid Colours are unique in that they offer very subtle colour variations unlike commercially dyed fabrics which are dyed more flat and uniform.

Tissue Silk is also known as Silk Georgette. It is a delicately sheer fabric with a slightly crepe-like matt finish. A fantastic and easy choice for Nuno feltmakers. In June 2019 Treetops will be offering two weights of Tissue Silk - 3.5 momme and 4.5momme, both 114cm (45")wide.  

Minimum order 0.5 metre.





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Additional information

Weight 22 g
Fabric Lengths

0.5 mtr, 1 mtr, 1.5 mtr, 2 mtr, 2.5 mtr, 3 mtr, 3.5 mtr, 4 mtr, 4.5 mtr, 5 mtr, 5.5 mtr, 6 mtr, 7 mtr, 8 mtr, 9 mtr, 10 mtr