Truffles | Chiffon BT | 6.5mm


Treetops has created a unique dyeing technique for this fabric called ‘Base Tones’ which offers a more subtle tonal colourway, unlike our standard Colour Harmonies or Colour Marks dyeing methods. Often one needs a background fabric which won't compete as heavily with your foreground, our Base Tones are a great option. Our Base Tones also have the ability to coordinate with more than one of our wool Colour Harmonies. 

Silk Chiffon possesses a slightly more lustrous weave than our Tissue Silk (Silk Georgette) but is not as shiny as our Paj (Habotai) silk fabric. It also features an elegant drape and handle. Excellent for Nuno felting.

Treetops is offering a special 'Limited Edition' 6.5 momme' extra wide (140cm, 55inch) Silk Chiffon fabric. This fabric has fantastic drape and would lend itself to any sewing project or be an excellent choice for a more sturdy nuno felted garment.

Remember when you purchase fabric 140cm (55inch) wide it contains 23% more fabric than a normal 114cm (45inch) wide fabric. For a price comparison, if this fabric was 114cm wide (45inch), it would only cost A$16.70 per metre. In addition, now with our 20% Discontinued Sale Discount it will only cost A$13.36 per metre (if the fabric was 114cm wide). A huge savings over our other fabrics!

Minimum order 0.5 metre.


Prices shown in Australian $ (includes 10% GST)
Clients outside of Australia please log in to see Export Prices (10% GST will be deducted)

Additional information

Weight 40 g
Wide Fabric Lenghts

.5 mtr, .8 mtr, 1.0 mtr, 1.5 mtr, 2.0 mtr, 2.5 mtr, 3.0 mtr, 3.5 mtr, 4.0 mtr, 4.5 mtr, 5.0 mtr, 5.5 mtr, 6.0 mtr, 6.5 mtr, 7.0 mtr, 7.5 mtr, 8.0 mtr, 8.5 mtr, 9.0 mtr, 9.5 mtr, 10 mtr

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