Zoom Workshop | Sensational Stripe Sequences

Sensational Stripe Sequences | Based on Fibonacci’s Design Principles

A 3-hour Zoom Workshop with Nancy Ballesteros (Perth, Western Australia)

The Fibonacci Sequence was developed by an Italian mathematician in Medieval times. The principles are widely found in nature and its numbers create proportions that our human brains find especially pleasing. It is no surprise that these principles are widely applied by designers across various disciplines.

In this Zoom workshop we will learn how to apply Fibonacci’s Design Principals for creating Sensational Stripe Sequences in felt (no maths are necessary).

To begin our journey, you will gain a 3 month free access to my 25 minute video on “How Fibonacci Design Principles can Reconnect Your Creativity”.  This video was commissioned by the International Feltmaker’s Association and will explain the magic behind Fibonacci’s Sequence and how I have apply his principles to my felting.  It is essential viewing before our zoom meeting.

In the Zoom workshop, we will begin by learning a bit of relevant Colour Theory which I have found to be an essential part of designing sensational stripes. Learn how to apply my easy formula for choosing colours for your stripes.

Next, I will demonstration my various methods for creating sensational stripes in felt. You can choose to participate with me and make a small sample (48cm x 30cm) at the same time, or not.  I will lead you through the process of making stripes using various wool handling techniques. You will also learn very specific techniques for creating both linear and free-form stripes. We will cover as many possibilities as we have time for. Specific fulling techniques will also be discussed to ensure proper felting.