Creating Stretchy Felt

Here are a few quick and easy instructions for creating a flexible and stretchy piece of Nuno felt.  This will lend a wonderful drape and stretch for pieces that go around your body like a wrap or even a scarf around your neck.

  • You will be laying down your wool tops in a Diagonal pattern, also known as a Herringbone layout. 
  • When laying down the wool note that the THICK END of wool is held with your thumb and fingers and the THIN END is the splayed (drafted) end of the wool.
  • The trick is to Lay the THICK END of the wool on top of THIN END,  always at right angles.
  • Your aim is to create one even layer of wool.
  • Fill in any remaining areas as needed, particularly along the edges.
  • Felt as normal.

Please watch this video for further instructions. The instructions in the video are shown using a Left handed layout.  See the diagram if you are right handed.