Endless Colour Postcards

Images that have sparked our creative imagination


palette silverprincess.saveforwebPhoto by Nancy Ballesteros. This inspiring ‘Silver Princess’ (Eucalyptus caesia) tree lives in my front garden. I admire its beauty and grace everyday. It was pure pleasure designing a Colour Harmony in its honour.
Fibres shown above (starting upper left): tussah silk tops colour harmony – silver princess, tissue silk fabric colour harmony – silver princess, merino wool solid – eucalyptustissue silk fabric solid – lingersilk throwsters waste – silver princess, silk hankies colour harmony – silver princessmerino wool colour harmony – silver princess, merino wool solid – blue gumpaj silk fabric colour mark – silver princess, tussah silk tops solid – spanish olive.


palette ironbark.saveforwebPhoto by Nancy Ballesteros. Glorious earthy hues of Eucalyptus bark litters the ground after their growth spurt in winter when the rains comes. 
Fibres shown above (starting upper left): tussah silk tops colour harmony – ironbarktissue silk fabric solid – mulemerino wool solid – riverstonesilk hankies – ironbark, paj silk fabric colour marks – ironbark, merino wool solid – mulemerino wool colour harmony – ironbarkmerino wool solid – marsh, silk throwsters waste – ironbark, paj silk fabric colour tones – sage/marsh.


palette southernseas 5a.savedforwebPhoto by Selena Ballesteros. Our first holiday off the Southern coast of Western Australia took my breath away, the colour of the ocean was magnificant! That image stayed with me for years and was finally re-created in a Colour Harmony to be called Southern Seas.
Fibres shown above (starting upper left): tussah silk tops colour harmony – southern seas, tissue silk fabric colour harmony – southern seasmerino wool solid – calypsotissue silk fabric solid – lagoonsilk throwsters waste – perriersilk hankies colour harmony – southern seasmerino colour harmony – southern seasmerino wool solid – jewelsilk throwsters waste – southern seastissue silk fabric solid – stone.


palette coastalheath1.saveforwebPhoto by Nancy Ballesteros. The windswept dunes along the coast of the Indian Ocean harbour an amazing array of coastal heath, grasses and scrubby eucalyptus bush. A lovely soft palette of beuatifully muted tones. 
Fibres shown above (starting upper left): 
bombyx silk tops – coastal heathmerino wool solids – nudiemerino wool colour nuance – pink hydrangeatissue silk fabric solid – stonepaj silk fabric colour marks – coastal heathtussah silk tops solid – nudiemerino wool colour harmonies – coastal heathmerino wool solid – mule,paj silk fabric colour tones, – nudie/sandalwood, merino wool colour nuance – stone.


palette tranquil.saveforwebPhoto by Selena Ballesteros. Taken while hiking along the Southern coast of Western Australia.
Fibres shown above (starting upper left): bombyx silk tops – tranquiltissue silk fabric solid – linger, merino wool colour nuance – stone, tissue silk fabric solid – stonemerino wool colour nuance – china bluetussah silk tops solid – toastmerino wool colour harmonies – tranquilsilk hankies solid – china blue, paj silk fabric colour marks – tranquiltissue silk fabric solid – mule.


palette seashells1.saveforwebPhoto by Nancy Ballesteros. It’s impossible to walk along our gorgeous long white sandy beaches and not fossick for shells and sea glass. A small sample from my coveted collection.
Fibres shown above (starting upper left): bombyx silk tops – sea shellsmerino wool solids – nudiemerino wool colour nuances – toastmerino wool colour nuances – stonepaj silk fabric colour marks – coastal heath,silk hankies solids – tarnish, merino wool – sea shellsmerino wool colour nuances – china bluetussah silk tops solid – nudietissue silk fabric solid – stone (smokey amethyst also looks really nice as well).


palette perrier3.saveforewebPhoto by Nancy Ballesteros. Just another gorgeous surf break in the Indian Ocean, Western Austalia. 
Fibres shown above (starting upper left): bombyx silk tops – perriermerino wool solid – calypso, bombyx silk tops – naturalmerino wool colour nuances – china bluesilk velvet – indian turquoisemerino wool solid – heavenly bluemerino wool colour harmonies – perriertissue silk fabric solid – heavenly bluesilk throwsters waste – perriertissue silk fabric solid – linger.


palette outback.saveforwebPhoto by Heather Davis.  A 1,000 kilometres north of Perth, centred in the Hamersley Ranges of the Pilbara region is Karajini Nathional Park, Western Australia. This is ‘red earth’ country filled with spectacular gorges, spinifex grass and rocky outcrops. Fibres shown above (starting upper left): tussah silk tops colour harmony – outbackmerino wool colour nuance – peri peritussah silk tops solid – terracotta, merino wool solids – hennapaj silk fabric colour marks – machu picchutussah silk tops solid – mossmerino wool colour harmony – outbacktissue silk fabric solid – mosssilk throwsters waste – outback, merino wool solid – nomad.


palette spicemarket.saveforwebPhoto by Janaka Dharmasena. We love being inspired by food. This has been one of our all time favourite Colour Harmony – Spice Market.
Fibres shown above (starting upper left): tussah silk tops colour harmony – spice marketmerino wool colour nuance – terracottamerino wool colour nuance – mud honeysilk throwsters waste – citronpaj silk fabric colour marks – spice market, merino wool colour nuance – cuminmerino wool colour harmony – spice market, silk hankies solid – tarnishsilk throwsters waste – outbackmerino wool colour nuance – peri peri.


palette mumbai.saveforwebPhoto by Steve Estvanik. Who can resist the hot colours of India and all those beautiful saris!
Fibres shown above (starting upper left): bombyx silk tops – mumbaimerino wool solid – wasabi, merino wool solid – tumerictussah silk tops solid – tumericsilk throwsters waste – citronsilk hankies colour harmony – mumbai, merino wool colour harmony – mumbaitussah silk tops solid – wasabisilk throwsters waste – mumbaimerino wool solid – ruby red dress.