Fibre Estimates

Helpful estimates for felting projects

What size should I cut my fabric?
Width for a Scarf
Tear the 114cm wide piece of fabric into thirds for an average scarf.
For a slightly wider scarf tear the fabric in half.

Length of Scarf
Choose a slightly longer length of fabric if you plan to cover its entire surface with wool.
The more wool applied to the fabric the more it will shrink both widthwise and lengthwise.

How much do I need?
Small to Average Nuno Scarf
1.8 metres of fabric, 50-75gm wool tops, 5-15gm silk fibre (optional).

Average to Long Nuno Scarf
2-2.5 metres fabric, 65-90gm wool tops, 10-20 gm silk fibre (optional).

Long to Very Long Nuno Scarf
2.5-2.75 metres fabric, 90-125gm wool tops, 15-25gm silk fibre (optional).

Small Nuno Wrap
2 metres fabric, 75-100gm wool tops, 15-25gm silk fibre (optional).

Medium Nuno Wrap
2.5 metres fabric, 100-150gm wool tops, 20-30gm silk fibre (optional).

Large Nuno Wrap
3-3.5 metres fabric, 125-175gm wool tops, 25-35gm silk fibre (optional).

Approximately 40-100gm wool tops, amount depends on the design of the hat.

Pair of slippers 100-200gm wool tops.

Small clutch purse 50gm wool tops. Large bag with pockets and flap 250gm wool tops.

Medium size light weight jacket 200gm wool tops.
A medium size winter weight jacket is around 400gm wool tops.