Ripped Silk Fabric Thread

This is a fabulous way to make your own thread and create a unique signature stitch for your project. You will never be without the correct colour of thread to match your project again!

  1. One can use various types of lightweight Silk fabric (4.5momme – 6.5momme).  Each weave of fabric will bring a slightly different quality to your stitch. Experiment with Paj, Pongee, Habotai or Chiffon. My favorite is 5 momme Paj.
  2. You will be tearing the fabric from selvedge to selvedge.
  3. Measure up the edge of the fabric approximately 1-2cm (1/2-3/4 inch) depending on how wide you would like your thread.
  4. Make a 1-2cm snip (0.5-1inch) into the fabric.
  5. Now tear the fabric to the other selvedge edge.
  6. Cut through the selvedge with scissors.
  7. If sewing into felt, I suggest using a large Glover’s needle (with a triangular head) or a Sailmakers needle.  These needles will help to pierce the felt and leave a large enough hole to pull through the ripped silk thread.
  8. After making a couple of stitches your thread will begin to pull through more easily.  Make sure you hold the tail of the thread out of the way because it can easily become entangled while stitching. Yes, the extra bits of frayed threads that keep coming off can be annoying, but its a small price to pay for a gorgeous stitch!
  9. Your stitch will not look perfect until you iron it, this transformation can be amazing!

Watch this short video to learn how to create your own Silk Fabric Thread.


Many thanks to my stitching mentors, Elsje van Keppel, Nalda Searles, and Trish Bygot who over the years have all contributed in their own way to developing my textile path.