Seri Silk Tops | Tips | Techniques

Treetops is excited to introduce our NEW EXCLUSIVE ‘Seri’ Silk Tops. These Bombyx (Mulberry) Silk tops posses a higher than normal Sericin content. Sericin is the natural glue extruded by a silkworm that holds their cocoon together. It’s because of this extra sericin that you are not able to draft these silk tops in the normal fashion; however, there are many other creative uses for them!

Seri Silk Tops can used in a similar fashion as a Silk Lap. Cut-off a length of tops and simply fan it out sideways, then lay it across wet wool or a prefelt and felt as normal. This will give a cobweb like-effect when felted. Experiment by varying it’s thickness for more texture.

Seri Silk Tops can also be used like Pencil roving for drawing and designing. Cut off a length of silk tops, split vertically into several sections. Dip a section into a warm soapy solution (1-2ml of gentle soap solution per 1 liter water) until silk is thoroughly wet. Squeeze out extra water between your fingers while flattening the silk. Once the silk is wet it can easily be split into even skinnier pieces. Re-dip as needed to smooth and flatten. Now create your design on top of wet wool or a prefelt and felt as normal.

Seri Silk Tops are also wonderful to use for making Silk Paper. See our instructions for Creating Silk Paper at .

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