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Silk Mesh Fabric

Treetops has developed our own exclusive lightweight, open-weave silk fabric. After years of searching and failing to find our dream fabric, we decided to weave it ourselves!

Lustrous, transparent, open weave, lightweight and textural – qualities we were looking for and have had specially woven into our cloth.

Tips for working with open weave fabrics: Your cloth will have excellent drape because of the mesh’s open weave structure. There is a fantastic see through element to the mesh. When Nuno felting it will tend to sit more on the surface, adding luster and texture. Open weave fabrics have more movement in their structure and will shift more than tightly woven fabrics, they therefore are a bit more fragile. To cut a straight line, make a 2cm (3/4″) ‘snip’, then hold your hands 25cm (10″) apart and pull hands away from each other to ‘rip’ the fabric. Stop just before the far edge to cut the last threads with scissors. Any open weave fabric will continue to fray so make sure to finish all edges with wool, stitching or folding techniques.

Fabric weighs 5.2 momme and is 114 cm wide. Minimum order .5 metre.


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Weight 26 g
Fabric Lengths

0.5 mtr, 1 mtr, 1.5 mtr, 2 mtr, 2.5 mtr, 3 mtr, 3.5 mtr, 4 mtr, 4.5 mtr, 5 mtr, 5.5 mtr, 6 mtr, 7 mtr, 8 mtr, 9 mtr, 10 mtr

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