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Zoom Workshop Recordings | Nuno Bead Meditation

2 1/2 hour Zoom Workshop Recording with Nancy Ballesteros (Perth, Western Australia)

There is something especially wonderful about concentrating on one small intimate object at a time. Slowly recognizing the path you will take to release its beauty, to create something really unique. Each bead has this potential to be seduced out by the slow methodical meditation of creation. Hand stitching felted fabrics cultivates our creative spirit. In this class we will be digging into our fabric stashes to find exotic and unusual fabrics to nuno felt into a mosaic – I call this ‘extreme felting’ – there is hardly anything we can’t felt! This mosaic will form the basis from which our beads will emerge.

Design elements will be discussed to focus your choices. Techniques will be taught to manipulate structural elements of the beads. Spontaneous hand stitching and beading will be applied.

In first part of the Zoom workshop, I will demonstrate how to make your Nuno Mosaic from the fabric swatches you have chosen (you can choose to join me in laying out a small sample). There will be a quick demo about fulling. Then I will demonstrate how to make the beads from your mosaics. Pattern templates, stitching techniques, thread and bead choices will all be discussed. Cording and stringing choices and will also be discussed. The beads take time to emerge, they are indeed a meditation of creation.

You won’t have time during the Zoom session to actually stitch anything unless you have a piece of felt pre-prepared. You are welcome to email/message me any questions after the Zoom session is over.



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