New Colourway | Dijon | Jan 2019

Dijon is a new tonal twist on a classic combo. Soft shades of light, medium and dark greys are mingled with spicy cumin. You will find many colours, fibres and fabrics in our Treetops palette which easily combine with Dijon.

New Colourway | Banded Iron | Dec 2018

New inspirations from our travels in the Pilbarra Region of Western Australia.


We were recently looking for of a great set of earthy brown colours, we only had to look as far as our past library of colours. Terra Rosa is hard to beat for its rich earthy tones. Created from a past journey through the Italian countryside of Tuscany. We look forward to dyeing this wonderfully rich colourway on our new extra wide Silk Chiffon Fabric.


The Silk Mesh Design Pack is designed using our Exclusive Silk Mesh Fabric in conjunction with our Silk Hankies and Bombyx Silk tops.  It’s a great way to obtain a variety of products to play with, all of which have been chosen around a central colour theme.

We have put together eight colourways for your designing pleasure: Tropical, Ghost Gum, Bush Tucker, Dark & Moody, Ambient, Obsession, The Melbourne, River of Blue.

Each Silk Mesh Design Pack contains:

  • Silk Mesh fabric in 3 Colour Harmonies, each piece is 25cm long x 114cm wide
  • 15gms of Silk Hankies in 3 colourways
  • 12gms of Bombyx Silk tops in 2-3 colourways


Early in the new year we always find time to think about  creating NEW Colour Harmonies. We are excited to announce some of our latest creations. Living near the ocean is a continual source of inspiration for Treetops.  Many years ago after our first visit to the Southern Coastline of Western Australia, we created one of our favorite colour harmonies Southern Seas, which represents a slightly moody and more greyed ocean. Today we are presenting the Indian Ocean side of Western Australia with our new Colour Harmony Ningaloo (our World Heritage listed reef) which has a much lighter, brighter and fresher beauty.  Dryandra is our newest earthy colourway named after a rare Banskia species found only in the south west bush of Western Australia.  It’s colours appear as if they have been natural dyed from eucalyptus.


We are excited to announce the beginnings of our NEW range of Solid Colours for 2018! We love to keep on trend with some of the latest fashion colours as well as introduce colours which we are excited by.  So keep checking back, as we will be adding more colours in the next couple of months. Some of these colours will also be added to our other fibres and fabrics ranges. (Dec 2017)