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Sensational Stripe Sequences | Zoom Workshop Recordings

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Zoom Workshop | Sensational Stripe Sequences

3-hour Zoom Workshop Recordings with Nancy Ballesteros (Perth, Western Australia)

You will gain unlimited access to THREE 3-hour Zoom Workshop recordings.  We have recorded three unique Zoom Workshops on creating Sensational Stripe Sequences. Each recording covers the same material, but all the recordings will have unique nuances, each offering slightly varied information and unique questions that were asked by the participants. With a single purchase you are free to view any or all of these recordings.

In this Zoom workshop, I will be demonstrating the various techniques that I have created for designing Sensational Stripes Sequences in felt. A discussion will follow about applying the Fibonacci’s Design Principals to these stripe sequences (no maths are necessary).

There will be some Colour Theory discussed covering essential components of designing stripes sequences. I will also teach you an easy formula to follow when choosing colours for stripes sequences.

Next will be a hands-on demonstration of the unique way in which stripe sequences are created. You can choose to participate alongside me and make a small sample (34cm x 55cm), or you can simply watch, listen and ask questions.

Specific techniques for creating both linear and free-form stripes will be shown, as well as many other variations. Specific fulling techniques will also be discussed to ensure proper felting.

You will have free access to the 25-minute video “How Fibonacci Design Principles can Reconnect Your Creativity”. This video was commissioned by the International Feltmaker’s Association in 2021. It explains the magic behind the Fibonacci Sequence and how I have adapted his principles to my feltingIt is essential viewing before our zoom meeting.

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Nancy Ballesteros

About Nancy
Artist Director and Founder of Treetops Colour Harmonies, 1987.

For me, creating colour is my bliss. It’s where I can let go of the realities of running a small business and be free. It’s my absolute passion.

Of course, the path to happiness is never a straightforward one. And I’ll admit the decade I spent studying geology and veterinary science may not be ‘normal’ for someone who lives and breathes colour. But then again, being able to create a specific colour is a science, so maybe it was all part of my destiny.

Losing myself in colour formulas is a self-confessed addiction! I’ve been known to spend days hand-dyeing and washing numerous samples before the perfect colour comes to life. It’s a slow, but thoroughly enjoyable process. And being a perfectionist, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

While Treetops Colour Harmonies now enjoys international distribution, as well as online sales to artists and craftsperons across the globe, I’m still proud a small part of me can still be found in every one of our hand-dyed wools, silks and fabrics.

Yours in colour,