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Discover how Fibonacci’s Design Principles can help reconnect your creativity

Have you ever wondered if the beauty in nature has any particular design method which it follows? A 13thcentury mathematician, Leonardo Fibonacci discovered that there is a sequence of numbers that our human brain find especially visually pleasing and that these numbers are expressed everywhere in nature.

In this video, commission by the International Feltmakers during 2021 Covid lockdown you will learn how this simple but powerful Fibonacci design principles can be applied to your nuno felting (no maths necessary!). It will explain how the Golden Ratio, the Golden Rectangle, and the Golden Spiral are also related to Fibonacci’s numbers and how they will help you create designs that look both natural and balanced.

In the video, I also demonstrate how structured linear and/or rhythmical organic patterns can be created using these Fibonacci’s Principles. The possibilities of combining colour and linear patterns are endless.

Please Note: If you are interested in some additional tutorage to learn specific felting techniques for creating Sensational Stripes Sequences or learn about our other Zoom Workshops click here.

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