My Favorite Felting Tools

This is one of my favorite felting tools. A plastic oil drip tray with hard pool cover bubble wrap clipped on. Tray is a super surface for fulling, holds the water in place to keep your wool wet while working. 95cm x 65cm, Look at auto supply stores for them.

After posting this photo on facebook, we received all sorts of wonderful suggestions for other similar tools.  Here are a few of the comments:

Tanya Perry-Dunham I use a plastic,nubby boot tray! Which is about the size of oil pan you pictured and available for just a few dollars everywhere in America.

Pam Silva Black heavy duty boot trays from Walmart(in the rug section)also work really well for this and they have built in textured bottom for rubbing felt on. (usa)

Carol Jensen I use the plastic trays that are in the bottom of dog crates. They come in different sizes and can be found online on pet supply websites. Search for dog crate replacement tray. (usa)