Featured Artist | Soosie Jobson

Soosie is a felt and textile artist from Fremantle, Western Australia.  “I love to make felt, it is absolutely my passion, I love that you start with a raw material and actually make the object. Then you get to stitch, bead or paint it!”  Soosie has been making felt for about 15 years,  her felting path has taken her through clothing, wearable art, hats, bags and even slippers. In recent years she has returned to the 3D form where she has been working on developing complex resists, and laying techniques that further push the structure of felt.



Finding her inspiration in nature, her resulting projects create living environments from felt, like the Felted Cactus Garden, and the Reef Dweller series where Soosie turned her local café into a coral reef with an array of colourful creatures inspired by Treetops wool and silk palettes.  Recently science and geometry have been driving the design and development of her sculptures, as evidenced by her pieces in the MACRO|micro Exhibition held in Perth last August (photo entitled T

Soosie loves to teach, both face to face and online, and has launched a YouTube Channel with free tutorials.  Her recent series: Shrinkage Rates Vs Percentages, guides felters through the ins and outs of shrinkage in 5 episodes, which in the next few weeks will be followed by Sculpting with Shrinkage, a 14 episode series that in 3 projects will teach you how to shape vessels using shrinkage.

To Subscribe to Soosie’s free tutorials or for more information soosie.com.au  or follow Soosie on Facebook or Instagram