Day 18 & 18.5 – Natural Rhythms 30-Day Library Challenge

Well, you have good days and then you have bad days…. Not happy with this one. It had a lot of potential but failed to come together in the end. Will try a few other things tomorrow to see if I can make the concept work better. Don’t think the black wool was the way to go this time around.

Day 18.5 – This is a continuation of playing with of a few left over pieces from Day 18. I thought I’d try to simplify the design elements, and adjust a few technical issues. Upon reflection, I think I should have put the darker red on the left side and let the other lighter red grade toward the right. Oh well, a few more questions have been resolved, which is always good. Do you like the red better than the black background?? These two stripes are the same as the far left stripes on Day 18.