Day 27 – Natural Rhythms 30-Day Library Challenge

Today I thought about doing a basic colour study looking at Simultaneous Contrast (which refers to the way in which two different colors affect each). Also looking at the way colour effects how we read line & movement. Here are several different orientations to challenge your visual perception. Can you spot the differences??? (one sample is sampler than the other for no particular reason).

Materials : Hand dye superfine Merino tops in Wasabi and Peri Peri. Silk Mesh in Red Earth (I only used a strip of the dark green area for the sample)


Day 26 – Natural Rhythms 30-Day Library Challenge

Feeling organic and earthy today. Stringy bark? (yes trees again!)…. or rock strata at Karijini National Park, Western Australia?….Stripey enough to be in this library collection? The surface is nearly all Silk Hankies.

Maybe this way around?

Materials: SIlk Hankies – Tarnish, Tumeric, Red Dog, Kalamatta, Linen. Hand dyed superfine Merino tops – LInen, Tumeric, Henna, Red Dog, Riverstone, new Coral


Day 25 – Natural Rhythms 30-Day Library Challenge

Layering fabrics to create blocks of colour, plus working on a different type of stripe structure. I enjoyed the challenge of trying to balance all the aspects of this sample without being too structured. Wondering if I achieved it?

Back of sample:

Materials: Tissue Silk Fabric in Blue Jean, Silk Mesh Fabric in Blue Jean. Colour Nuance superfine Merino wool tops in Royal Indigo, Blue Jay, Celery, Sea Spray, Moss. Hand dyed superfine Merino tops in Tarnish, Stormy Blue.


Day 24 – Natural Rhythms 30-Day Library Challenge

I’m trying to keep my energies going, so working with brights today! I think I might have to admit to being a closet quilter… playing with colour and structure, yum yum! I do like the serendipity that felting brings to the quilting structure. However, my technique still needs refining. I could have easily made this sample with an all wool background with the fabric on top of the wool, but I wanted something more light and flowing, therefore some of the stripes are just in Paj Silk fabric and some are in wool.

Back of sample:

Materials: Paj Silk Fabric: Frankie, Lantana, Spice Market. Hand dyed superfine Merino Colour Harmonies: Troppo!, Lantana. Hand dyed superfine Merino: Peri Peri, Merlot, Midnight Blue, Slate.


Day 23 – Natural Rhythms 30-Day Library Challenge

I am forever designing trees and fences, not sure which one this is…. Playing with simple bold designs hoping the structure of the lines make it work. Maybe these cross-over into “lines” not “stripes” – what do you think? Back is interesting, the Silk Mesh gives it lots of lustre, definition and great drape.

Back of sample:

Detail of sample:

Materials: Silk Mesh fabric in Rhythm ‘n Blues. Colour Nuance superfine Merino wool tops in Royal Indigo. Hand-dyed in Ruby Red Dress.



Day 22 – Natural Rhythms 30-Day Library Challenge

Day 22! My Stripe Library 30-Day Challenge! 30 days is seeming like a crazy long time to be doing this, what was I thinking??? Took Saturday off. Then I had a lovely time designing this sample on Sunday. More development of the gathering idea. The tassels off the edge of the fabric can be used as fringe or they can cut off at the edge. I like the idea of stitching lines with felt, will do more of this!


Detail of gathering abilities

Materials: Paj Silk Fabric Tamarillo. Hand dyed superfine Merino tops: Tamarillo, Nomad, Black Current, Smoky Amethyst, Tumeric, new soft Coral colour not named yet.

Day 21 – Natural Rhythms 30-Day Library Challenge

Back to the ‘Classic’ stripe idea. I so enjoyed creating this sample! I think the essence of stripe creation is combining good spacial sequences with good colour sequences. Those of you who know me, know how much I love spending hours playing with COLOUR! So I was in heaven with this sample. By the way, these are some of the trending colour for 2018 (not that it matters, but it was fun working with some new colours Treetops is dyeing right now). I also played with the idea of gathering – I can’t wait to make this into something wearable!!!

Materials: Tissue Silk Fabric: Mule. Nuance superfine Merino top: Cumin. Hand Dyed superfine Merino tops: Red Dog, Slate, Nudie, Toast, Straw, Tassie Salmon, Sage, Allspice.

Day 20 – Natural Rhythms 30-Day Library Challenge

I wanted to explore combining more traditional stripes with blocks and lines of colour in Silk Hankies. I achieved a subtle Ikat-like effect, which I really like and will explore more in the future… so many ideas spring to mind, it’s very exciting! Unfortunately, my Silver Princess Colour Harmony (subtle Eucalyptus greyed-off blue-greens) is very hard to photograph well, I just didn’t do it justice and didn’t have time to photograph the materials. Which are: Silver Princess Silk Mesh, hand-dyed superfine Merino tops in Silver Princess, and five hand-dyed solid colours in Silk Hankies.


Day 19 – Natural Rhythms 30-Day Library Challenge

I wanted to explore the idea of a 2-D stripe. I also played with a more organic stripe but didn’t like my execution of this very well, technical issues need to be resolved. It was kind of a fun idea that could be explored more.


Materials: Natural Tissue SIlk fabric. Coloured Nuance superfine Merino wool tops: Mule, Stone and Sea Spay. Hand dyed superfine Merino tops: Merlot.

Day 18 & 18.5 – Natural Rhythms 30-Day Library Challenge

Well, you have good days and then you have bad days…. Not happy with this one. It had a lot of potential but failed to come together in the end. Will try a few other things tomorrow to see if I can make the concept work better. Don’t think the black wool was the way to go this time around.

Day 18.5 – This is a continuation of playing with of a few left over pieces from Day 18. I thought I’d try to simplify the design elements, and adjust a few technical issues. Upon reflection, I think I should have put the darker red on the left side and let the other lighter red grade toward the right. Oh well, a few more questions have been resolved, which is always good. Do you like the red better than the black background?? These two stripes are the same as the far left stripes on Day 18.