Day 24 – Natural Rhythms 30-Day Library Challenge

I’m trying to keep my energies going, so working with brights today! I think I might have to admit to being a closet quilter… playing with colour and structure, yum yum! I do like the serendipity that felting brings to the quilting structure. However, my technique still needs refining. I could have easily made this sample with an all wool background with the fabric on top of the wool, but I wanted something more light and flowing, therefore some of the stripes are just in Paj Silk fabric and some are in wool.

Back of sample:

Materials: Paj Silk Fabric: Frankie, Lantana, Spice Market. Hand dyed superfine Merino Colour Harmonies: Troppo!, Lantana. Hand dyed superfine Merino: Peri Peri, Merlot, Midnight Blue, Slate.