Day 14 – Natural Rhythms 30-Day Library Challenge

What the heck happened to this sample!! Has anyone every had such DRASTIC differential shrinkage?? I laid the wool in an off-set Chevron pattern (dark red ended into bright red – all at 45 degree to each  other), fibres all in a single direction.The back is nuno-felted with tissue silk fabric. No matter what I did, this is the shape it became. Crazy! I’m sure there is a good potential for this effect….


Below is the image of the pattern that I tried to replicate in my felt stripes.  Because of the differential shrinkage of each stripe I ended up with a very strange shape.

Materials: Hand dyed superfine merino tops in Ruby Red Dress, Merlot and Lilly Pilly. Tissue Silk Fabric in Heartache.