Day 15 – Natural Rhythms 30-Day Library Challenge

I’m not a quilter, but I love some of the visual effects and play on colour that quilters are able to achieve! So I set myself the goal of making a small stripe/quilt sample today. What you can’t see if that in places I only left the tissue silk, so you can see through it in places. I’m more of a Gee’s Bend quilter, if you know what I mean…. Will work more on this idea tomorrow, it needs heaps more work but I like the potential and want to take it further.

Nuno felted tissue silk on the back creates a very interesting effect.


Materials: Tissue Silk Fabric: Peri Peri. Superfine Merino tops hand dyed: Straw, Terracotta. Colour Nuance Woo: Urban, Cumin, China Blue, Turkish Red.