Day 16 – Natural Rhythms 30-Day Library Challenge

So I got side-tracked today when I had an light-bulb inspiration moment to play with the idea of shadows. Everyone had been enjoying the backside of the samples where the nuno felted tissue silk fabric toned the colours. So I set about trying to achieve having that effect on both the front and on the back at the same time. Somehow I got away from stripes – I set off to making shadows of a fence and because of a technical challenge I ended up having to put a line along the spine of the fence line – which I think turned it into a leaf. Plus I got the scale wrong – the perspective was difficult and needs more work, it all needs more work – but hey, its just a sample….


Backside is almost a complete mirror image of the front side.

I tried creating the fence-like effect again but used needle-felted prefelts (to give more precise lines) for the frontside and wool tops on the backside (covered with the tissue silk). Detail photo below.

Materials: Tissue Silk Fabric: Tarnish. Hand dyed superfine Merino tops: Midnight Blue, Merlot (should have a bit more blue in it)